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Intake Process

Your Mental Health is Our Priority

Items to bring to your appointment:​

  • Driver's license or state identification card

  • Medicaid, Medicare, or other insurance cards

  • Intake Application

  • Your personal information (address, phone number and social security number)

  • List of medications you are currently taking

  • Name and contact information of past mental health service providers (if applicable)

During the Intake Appointment

Your appointment is completely private. The intake clinician will ask you questions relating to why you are seeking our care and services. He/she will ask you to share and explain any symptoms you are and/or have experienced (difficulty sleeping, crying spells, mode swings, etc.) You will also be asked about your goals for the services. If you do not readily have any treatment goals, we will work together to determine what these goals are for you.

After the Intake Appointment

Once the initial intake appointment is completed, you will be scheduled for appointments at Rural Behavioral Health Services.

If for any reason you need to reschedule one of these appointments, please contact our office at, 985-732-0253.

Stay Up to Date!

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